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Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

posted Feb 12, 2012, 6:26 AM by sandip mishra

Pench National Park(Tiger Reserve) always has a special place in our hearts as we started our wildlife love and quest back in 2007 visiting the Pench Tiger Reserve. It was a good trip then when we had spotted a leopard and a variety of birds.

This park can be approach through both Maharashtra (Silari) and Madhya Pradesh (Seoni dist). From Hyderabad it is a 8 hour drive i.e. close to 560 Kms. We have visited the Madhya Pradesh side of the park all the eight times, as tourist facilities are better. Our normal place of stay is
MP Tourism’s Kipling's court at Pench, which has good facilities, courteous staff and also recently upgraded the facility with a swimming pool.

The park boasts of a good tiger population, few leopards, angulates ( spotted deer, Sambhar, NilGai, barking deer), herds of bison(though seen mostly during summer), jackals, jungle cat  wild boars, bear, mongoose.  The bird variety is amazing with close to 250+ species noted by bird enthusiasts. We have managed to spot and identify close to 90 of them  like the Eurasian Thicknee(a family resides and easily seen during the trips), Wagtails(Citrine, Yellow, Grey), Chestnut Sparrowlark, Malabar and Grey Hornbills, Lapwing(Yellow and red wattled), Petronia, Yellow footed Green Pigeon(the state bird of Maharashtra), Woodpeckers(flameback, pygmy), Oriole(black headed, and Golden), Raptors(crested Serpeant Eagle, Buzzards, Red headed Vulture, Shikra, Changeable hawk eagle), Owls(Fishing and jungle owl), Pied Cuckoo(spotted in the MP tourism guesthouse), Flycatchers, Bee-eaters and lots of other resident and migratory birds.

One should try and spend at-least three rounds of the park to see the length and breadth of the flora and fauna. We have been very lucky to have spotted the tiger in all our visits and some of the moments really wonderful and frightening.

The entry to the park is now restricted (vehicles per trip) and the bookings can be done online through MPOnline. This is a change we have seen over the years, wherein unlimited no. of vehicles was allowed inside.  The Park administration has become stricter and vehicles flouting norms have been acted against.

It is worthwhile visiting this park –however be prepared for very high temperatures during the summer season and chilly winters.

Collared Scoops Owl
Eurasian Thicknee
Sambhar(F) and Pond Heron
Nilgai(Blue bull)