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Bharatpur(Keoladeo) Bird Sanctuary

posted Dec 3, 2012, 9:05 AM by sandip mishra   [ updated Mar 3, 2015, 2:27 AM by Sandip Mishra ]

We have been to the Keoladeo National Park(Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary - popularly known) twice once in peak summer and the other during peak winter.
During peak summer(sorching heat of May), there were hardly any visitors and the holiday season particularly winter vacations there's like zillion people both tourists and visitors from nearby places. You can take handpulled rickshaws to experience the bird life. While we felt very bad to sit on these hand pulled vehicles, these were the only ones allowed inside by the forest department.
You can get guides(government) to help you in your journey. This is a small park of around 30 sq kms comprising mostly of grasslands, wetlands, swamps and scrublands. While there is one straight and long road there are multiple perpendicular paths one can venture into. Our guide took us into many such paths.
As you start your journey one can spot Collared Scoops owl and jungle owlet. This was followed by munias, bulbuls, patridges, jungle fowls, quails, parakeets, grey hornbills, serpeant eagles etc as the area was mostly scrub and dry lands.
Slowly we started seeing both wetland, waterbodies and swamps on both sides of the road. We saw spotted deer, jackals, water birds like cormorants, purple moorhen, white breasted water hen darter birds, ducks, water fowl and sandpipers during the summer. The winter season brings in a whole host of migratory birds Northern pintails, Northern Shovlers, Greylag goose, Gadwals etc.
This place is also famous for the Sarus Crane. Had seen and heard about the bird and eagerly wanted to see it. During the summer time visit(it was pouring) while we were at temple, the guide suddenly pointed towards a location.."a Pair of Sarus Crane"...In the pouring rain, I approached the birds and from behind a tree savoured the moments for almost 20 mins.

There are a many resorts around and the Ashok ITDC hotel is the only one inside the sanctuary where you can book yourself.
We enjoyed this experience both times.
     Grey Heron
      Sarus Crane
     Collared Scoops Owl